28 juli 2012


Well, here it is. My first post!
I was planning to start this blog on my twentieth birthday, but because I'm a professional procastinator it's a week later.
Anyhow, I'm very excited to start all this. I don't really have a plan for this blog yet, but I hope to share some  diy's, outfits and other things I find interesting.
First things first, though, a proper introduction.
Hello everybody, I'm Lonneke. Twenty years of age as you already know. Living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and studying Art History.
Five moths ago I moved out of my parents' house to work and live in an elderly people's home. The best part: my neighbour is my very best friend!
I love reading, looking at pretty pictures, making things, art, watching movies/ tv-series and hanging out with my friends.
For now this is all you need to know about me, I think.
As I'm not sure when the next post will be created, check out my tumblr in the meantime!

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