30 juli 2012

Creating space

Hi guys!
The past couple of weeks I have been organising my clothes, shoes and accessories and I'm really glad I finally did. I don´t know about you, but I always had piles of clothes, shoes and bags lying around I just didn´t use anymore. But now, oh, I can find stuff! And there´s space in my closet! It´s awesome.

And this is how I did it: First you make a list of all the ´catgories´ of stuff you have. Mine looks like this:
Long sleeves

And then the 'fun' starts. Make lists of all the items you have (the document I made on my computer for this is 7 pages...), but try to think of a reason for each item why you want to keep it. If you come across something you definitely want to throw out, mark it in red. If you're not sure, make it yellow. When everything has been written down it's time to really take all your red-marked stuff and get it out of your closet, no second thoughts! The yellow stuff can stay in the closet, though if there are items you marked yellow but might be nearer to red, put those in a special box. This is your 'doubt-box'. If you never think about these clothes again, it's time to throw them away (or donate).

Now you know what you have and what you might not like so much (yellow items). Keep those in mind and see if you can perhaps alter them or, after a while, donate those as well.
These lists are also very useful if you go shopping. I can't be the only one who buys things they already have, or don't fit with anything they own. Take the list with you and it will not happen.
I actually got a bit enthusiastic with my lists and now I have four: Up-to-date list of items, items I add (per month), the content of my doubt-box and a wish list of things I really need.

I hope this will help me to not buy things I don't need! Being a student I have to keep track of where my money is going and from now on it will not be spent 'useless' clothes. I hope this will help some of you too!

Have a great day! xx

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