8 augustus 2012

July additions

I´m trying to think of a couple of posts that I can do every month or even every week and this is the first one!
Every month I will show you the additions to my wardrobe. Some people make these more often, but I think monthly will do fine for me!
So, what did July bring me?

7 augustus 2012


When I checked my mailbox this afternoon, I had two letters. I had waited for both of them for a while, so no chatting anymore...
Let's open them!

6 augustus 2012

Spots & Stripes

Shirt: H&M // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: New Look // Bag: Gift // Watch: Gift // Sunnies: H&M
The weather was beautiful Sunday, a good excuse to wear my favourite shorts again. I bought them in Berlin on sale and they have been worn a lot this summer!
The Polkadot bag is awesome! I got it from my friend Annelieke for my birthday, a great gift!
Even though my phone still won't let me take full lenght pictures of outfits, I have some detail shots after the jump (without my big face scaring y'all off...).

5 augustus 2012

A Letter Is Better

Putting a wooden or cardboard letter in your bookcase seems to be a huge trend. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a letter for a reasonable price here in Rotterdam. And what does one do, when this happens? One makes a letter herself. And one shows you how to do it too!

4 augustus 2012

Odds and Ends

Here are the pictures of the things I´ve been working on, as I promised yesterday.
Firstly: the brushes-jar. I know it's just a little alteration, but I like how it looks now. Why have a plain jar in your room if you can pretty-fy it?

3 augustus 2012

The World Is Ours

Dress: Primark // Scarf: Piet Kerkhof
Today I wanted to show you a picture of my outfit, but my camera (my phone) wasn't co-operating, so I'm treating you to this picture of my face and a small part of what I wore.
I did a couple of things today: I went to a furniture store with Jasmijn and picked up drycleaning and bought groceries. In the car we played Seabird's cd 'Rocks Into Rivers', hence the title of this post.