5 augustus 2012

A Letter Is Better

Putting a wooden or cardboard letter in your bookcase seems to be a huge trend. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a letter for a reasonable price here in Rotterdam. And what does one do, when this happens? One makes a letter herself. And one shows you how to do it too!

Pick a font you like (and that is not too hard to cut from cardboard) for your letter. I choose to do a 'L' for obvious reasons and the font is ScribbleBox. For the next steps you will need: cardboard, a pair of scissors and a pencil.
Draw your letter on the card board and cut it out twice. One of the two letters needs to be in mirror image if you're using cardboard with an 'ugly' side, like I did. The left 'L' will be on the front and the right one will be on the back, so the side with the numbers on it will be on the inside. If it doesn't matter which side is in or out, you can forget this step.
Measure pieces of cardboard that will make you letter 3D. I decided to make my letter 4cm deep. So for example: the bottom of my letter was 12cm, so the strip of cardboard I cut was 12x4cm. Glue all the strips to your backside letter. A gluegun works perfectly, but can get a little messy...
My strategy: keep applying glue 'till it doesn't move anymore. I must admit it does look a bit sloppy, but I can live with it. Glue the other letter on top.
And now you have a cardboard letter. You can keep it this way or paint it or glue things to it, the sky is the limit. I painted mine white, and...
added a little bunting and a C.S. Lewis quote I thought was really suiting to me and this bookcase-letter. I messed up on the 'could', but those things happen and can always be corrected with a bit of white paint.
Now all I have to do is grab a book and a big cup of tea and enjoy my sunday afternoon. I hope you do too!


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  1. Such a brilliant DIY! The quote you wrote looks so funky and pretty :) great job x