8 augustus 2012

July additions

I´m trying to think of a couple of posts that I can do every month or even every week and this is the first one!
Every month I will show you the additions to my wardrobe. Some people make these more often, but I think monthly will do fine for me!
So, what did July bring me?

High-waisted, black Pull&Bear shorts! To be honest, I haven't worn them a lot yet, but they are perfect to wear under short dresses or skirts. And if they aren't worn under anything, they have a kind of fifties vibe, because they're high-waisted. They are short though, so I'm waiting for a very sunny day to finally wear them out!
Hmm, I wasn't sure if I should include this top in the additions-post. Actually, I have had this shirt for a very long time. I purchased it about a year ago from Primark, because I really really liked the collar! And I still do. But... the sleeves were ugly! I don't have pictures, but they were seriously weird. Not so long ago I decided to cut those ugly sleeves and voilà: a 'brand new' top with a very cute collar was born. As you can see I haven't trimmed it yet. Maybe I leave it this way, because most of it will be covered by my hair anyway. But still: glad I attacked this one with my scissors!
Ah, the bag! You have seen this one before, but I just had to show it one more time. It's perfect! The blue, the leather, the polka dots... I've carried it around, since the day I got it. It's quite big too, so when school starts next month I will carry my papers around in style. Thanks again, Annelieke, for your awesome gift!

So that's it! Only three things. I'm trying to buy only things I really need, and I definitely succeeded for July.
If you have done one of these, please link them to me in the comment section. I'd love to see what you got!


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  5. You better write a new post soon... It's been a month!