7 augustus 2012


When I checked my mailbox this afternoon, I had two letters. I had waited for both of them for a while, so no chatting anymore...
Let's open them!

The white envelope is from my new university. I will attend a minor there in September and they sent me my college card! Though I'm a bit nervous to start on new this year, I can't wait to see what they have in store for me. 
But the yellow envelope... Ah, it made quite a journey to arrive in Rotterdam. It came all the way from the United States of America!
Last week I decided to order Ambird's Volcano Girls Zine, because I had followed her and her work for a couple of years now on the Internet. Owning something she'd made and supporting her art was something I had planned to do for a long time. Monday last week I finally did it! And I'm so happy! She even wrote a little personal note on the backside of the card with the purple-haired girl. So sweet.
The Zine itself is great, the illustrations are beautiful and it's just awesome to see she really put a lot of herself in it. It even came with a poster and stickers!
If you want to see more of her work, you can visit her store.
Have a lovely day today! xx

P.S. Since I 'discovered' this unknown-to-me Mumford & Sons song, it's been on repeat for the entire day! So beautiful and it really goes well with this rainy Tuesday...
Oh, I also updated my 'About me'.

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