4 augustus 2012

Odds and Ends

Here are the pictures of the things I´ve been working on, as I promised yesterday.
Firstly: the brushes-jar. I know it's just a little alteration, but I like how it looks now. Why have a plain jar in your room if you can pretty-fy it?

And here are the sides again. I think the 'No.'stamp gives the label a nice vintage touch. If you were wondering how to stick paper on glass: I used the double sided tape from my pretty tape tutorial. It worked great!

Alright, so that's that. Next up is my painting!
I got the idea from a picture in the July issue of Matchbook Magthis picture to be precise. As you can see there's a pink painting with an ampersand on the wall and I liked it midst all the other paintings and photos.
So I picked out an ampersand on the internet, gathered my supplies and did my thing. I traced the ampersand on the canvas with a pencil and, well, painted! See the result for youself:
I took this photo when it was already dark, so the colours are a bit off... In real life they are turquoise and white. It was an easy project, but I think the painting looks cool! Here's a detail shot to show I had to make the lines very neat, otherwise it would look messy.
I didn't mind though, I like this kind of small work!

Enjoy your weekend! xx

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