3 augustus 2012

The World Is Ours

Dress: Primark // Scarf: Piet Kerkhof
Today I wanted to show you a picture of my outfit, but my camera (my phone) wasn't co-operating, so I'm treating you to this picture of my face and a small part of what I wore.
I did a couple of things today: I went to a furniture store with Jasmijn and picked up drycleaning and bought groceries. In the car we played Seabird's cd 'Rocks Into Rivers', hence the title of this post.

Yesterday I started a little painting project, which I finished today (pictures tomorrow...). While painting I had all my brushes in a jar and I thought they looked really good on display. Long story short: I made a label for my brushes-jar. I don't have the supplies to stick it on yet (again: pictures tomorrow), but I wanted to show it anyway.
It says 'brushes' in Dutch and the other characters are random. I like the result a lot!

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