5 december 2012

Nails of the Day

Hi guys!
These past days have been crazy busy, but today I had an hour to myself between school and work, so here is a blogpost!
Okay, it's about my nails, not very exciting perhaps. Though I have to say I'm very pleased with them.

The purple is #247 from a brand called Paris Memories. I believe I bought it on the market for €1,-. The topcoat is the Essence Matt Topcoat. I'm so glad I have that one! It's easy to throw on any nail polish ande gives it an entirely new look.
I've been liking dark colours a lot lately and I really want to buy a matching lipstick... Does anyone have a suggestion?

While waiting on my train this morning, I snapped a picture of my outfit, or at least a part of it.
My thights matched my nail polish perfectly! What a coincidence...
The striped skirt and yellow/mustard coat are both from H&M. I may have to buy a warmer coat, because winter is arriving in Holland this weekend!
And to conclude this post I have a little peek for you into my 'academic' life.

First photo: Today it is Saint Nicholas in Holland! After work I'm going to my family and spend the evening eating chocolate and reading funny poems. Perhaps there even will be gifts... :)
Second photo: And this is where I spend most of my time... Listening to lectures. The topic of today was 'Cities in the Islamic World', pretty interesting!

See you next time and for all the Dutch people: fijne pakjesavond! :)

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