9 december 2012

Snow, Showers and School

The ´showers´ in this post´s title obviously don´t refer to the things that involve warm water and thinking about the meaning of life. I mean rain. And rain + even more rain. Welcome to Holland.
As you may or may not know I don't particularly like the winter. I can handle some coldness, but snow... just no. But there it was again on thursday... To be honest, it didn't last long (friday it had all melted), so I'm not going to cry about it anymore, but be prepared: if this winter will bring lots of snow, I will need a place to pity myself and I'm pretty sure it will be here! Any other snow-haters out there? Maybe we can start a group!
Anywhoo, it's raining again (yay?) and I'm at my desk ploughing through mountains of work for university.
What actually means: I painted my nails and did some clothes shopping past week. Yeah, I know, I'm a badass.
I don't have any photos of my clothes yet, maybe later this week.

What's on my nails, you ask? Well, I started with two layers of Catrice 050 Moulin Rouge Light and then painted the tips with Gemey 06 Pure Gold/ Or Pur. I don't even know if this brand still excists, since I gave my mother this polish when I was eight (she never used it, which was probably for the best).

Another picture, which features my philosophy book mocking me in the background.
Found this webcam shot on my computer of me wearing my new sweater and a rosegold River Island cuff. Guess this counts as a sneak preview?!
Knit sweater: New Yorker // Striped shirt: Primark // Earcuff: River Island

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  1. Love to see you back on blogging! You inspire me.

  2. really cute and simple mani!