12 december 2012

The Promised One

Sounds a bit dramatic, but I promised to show you what I got and I'm doing it now.
Lately I have been watching a lot of youtube (could have something to do with my procastinating problem) and I really like watching vlogs. So as an experiment of some sorts I will do this haul (which seems the appropriate internet word) on video!
I'm a bit nervous about this, so please bear with me and don't laugh! Except when I'm trying to be funny of course.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings about stripes and colours! I had a lot of fun making this vid for you :)
It would be awesome to get some subscribers to my channel, so if you liked this: please subscribe! Do any of you have youtube accounts?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love watching other people's vlogs, too!! Yours was good, loved it!

    I'm now you newest follower, and have added you to my daily greader. I look forward to more of your posts!