30 januari 2013

Little Red

Top: Primark// Cardigan: Thrifted// Pants: Zara// Boots: Hobb's
When it´s colder I tend to wear darker colours. The past weeks I have mainly worn outfits with black, brown and burgundy. This thrifted bright red cardigan is a nice change. The round neckline makes it ideal for wearing collared shirts underneath it. There are geometric details on the front and around the bottom, and there are tiny flowers on the buttons.
Here, I paired it with a summery black and white striped top, which had a cute collar. On the bottom I wore black pants and boots, so the red cardigan really stood out.

Huzzah for mustaches!

28 januari 2013

DIY: Beanie

I mentioned it in my last Five Things post: I like hats, beanies, hoods, whatever you like to call them.
Ofcourse you can buy them in the shops, but I had a sweater I didn't wear anymore on hand, and I thought I could make a hat out of it. Recycling at its finest!

You will need:
- a sweater, or other fabric you want to use for your hat.
- a hat, or some sort of pattern
- scissors
- needle and thread

Take your sweater or fabric and put it on a flat surface.
Turn the sweater inside-out and put a hat you like on the sweater. You can place it where ever you like, but it saves time to take the band at the bottom of the sweater as the bottom of your hat. Less sewing!
Trace the hat with chalk. This won't work very well if your sweater is a light colour on the inside (like mine). In that case I suggest you pin the hat to the sweater, so it won't move when you cut the fabric.
Cut your two pieces, put them on top of each other (right side in) and sew them together! If you turn it outside out again, you will have...
something like this! Your very own, unique beanie!

Now you can wear it outside or make a beanie for every outfit. If you'd like to embellish your hat, I recommend checking out this video!
Pictured: a serious photo and a silly photo.

25 januari 2013

Five Things # 3

Hello daaaarlings! It's time for my weekly favourites again!

Tony's Chocolonely
If I'm honest, Tony's Chocolonely would probably be featured in every Five Things...
Yup, I ate a LOT of chocolate this week (really, I ate too much). But it at least it was 'slave-free' chocolate! Tony's Chocolonely is a company that distributes chocolate that has been produced without slavery or unfair prices. And it tastes delicious! 
My favourite flavour: white chocolate with cranberry and pop rocks, absolute heaven!

Ikea Scented Candle
According to google translate Tindra means sparkle: cute!
I was in Ikea. I saw a candle with whipped cream on the label. I smelled said candle. I went nuts.
Seriously, I want to eat this candle, because it smells like vanilla and cupcakes and happiness!
Next time in Ikea, I'm buying a supply to last me a lifetime.

While procastinating, I made a list of all the series I am following at the moment and I realized I regularly watch ten series a week. I might be an addict...
On the plus side: I am only watching things I really like. When I had a tv, I sometimes spend hours watching shows (Say Yes to the Dress, Extreme Couponing) that are just plain stupid.
Series I'm loving right now: Girls, The Legend of Korra, Once Upon  a Time and Elementary (Jonny Lee Miller...).

Hat: H&M// Shirt: H&M
Since it is still freezing in Holland, hats are indispensable for not having a permanent brain freeze. And I like the look of a beanie! The Fashion Citizen have uploaded lots of videos of them wearing beanies, and I think they're cool, so why not imitate a little bit :)

Longer Lasting Lipstick from Hema
Besides beanies, I'm also getting into darker lip colours. This lipstick has a purple-ish/burgundy colour, is long lasting and matte, a perfect combination.
And not in the least: it was only €3,50; quite a steal.
I think it is time to become a real lipstick-wearing lady!

15 januari 2013

Hello Home! Dining Room

Even though our place is not very big, J. and I have small ´common´ room. From the beginning we decided we would use it as a dining room, because eating alone at your desk is so sad.
As I said, this room is very small, only six square meters or something, luckily we didn´t need a lot of furniture, just a table and chairs, because the room has build-in storage.
Click through to read about the changes we did make!

13 januari 2013

Five Things # 2

I can't believe how a fast a week has gone by! Most of this week consisted of writing and reading for school. Pretty boring, but I'm proud I already finished the paper that's due wednesday. Nerdalert!

Memrise (http://www.memrise.com/)
Facebook, 9GAG, Twitter, been there, done that. These are the usual procrastination websites. On Memrise you can procrastinate and learn something new! You can take language, art and science courses. You make tests and every day you get a reminder to refresh your memory. I'm currently learning the constellations and Finnish (and not doing my actual homework, but who cares)!

The Dutch skies have been super gray the past weeks, but at the end of the week the sun showed its face and it made me so happy :D I can handle the cold much better when it's sunny. Hopefully, this kind of weather will continue next week!

Getting stuff done at home
We finally had enough with just making plans of our house and decided we had to do something. So in a matter of days out diningroom looked a whole lot better. You may expect a blogpost about our diningroom soon (consider this a sneakpeek).

Foster the People & Of Monsters and Men
I can't work without music, I need to hear something. My brother suggested Torches by Foster the People and, yup, that's a great album! I always put music on repeat, because I can't be bothered to pick something new every half hour, so Torches played about five times and I still liked it. My Head is an Animal by Of Mosters and Men has been a favourite of mine for a while, but I only seem to listen to it while studying.

Making lists and getting  inspired
Having so much to do for uni, requires making a plan and lists and schedules. This has made me very aware of the value of my time. So I have been collecting DIY projects to do in the couple of hours I don't need to study of write (perhaps this also has to do with my January-resolution of making a schedule for the blog). So just sit back and wait, they will appear the next few weeks!

7 januari 2013

Creepy choice

Buying something on an impulse can be good, but sometimes you just don't know if you should keep it or get your money back. And that's my situation at the moment.
I bought creepers. I like them, but... I'm not sure they're me. So I went on a quest to find out how other girls styled them.

First I came across this girl's blog. She owns a pair of creepers and I like the way she styles them, not too grungy, but still very cool. These are my favourite looks:


After some more browsing I conclude:
- don't wear them with those frilly girls socks (that looks just stupid)
- any other way looks pretty cool!


I think I'm keeping them (: It will be interesting to see how I put my own twist on them.

Oh, before this post is done, can I do one prediction? Creepers will be as popular as Vans are now. Okay, I'm done.

5 januari 2013

Five Things # 1

I´m not a big fan of new year´s resolutions. Why should you only start with something in the beginning of a new year? That's why I thought of something called new month's resolutions. I know, not a very catchy name, but you get what I mean. I want to make new resolutions every month and keep them. Because they are monthly, that will be much easier.
My resolutions for January are:
Read/ finish reading two books.
Hang pictures on my walls.
Decorate the dining room (and blog about it!)
Make a blogging schedule.
That sounds pretty reasonable, not? So let's get started then!
'Five things' will be a weekly post about (small) things I liked in the past week and will be published on Saturday or Sunday. It will be fun to look back on at the end of 2013!

Superfamous by Unexpected Disco Pandas
This song has been stuck in my head since Monday! It is  so catchy and... I just can't get it out! Basically it was the soundtrack of last week! Check them out, they're great :)
Smooth Chai Tea
I luuuuurve tea. That is somewhat essential information about me. And this tea is so delicious, I can't even begin to describe it. If you come across it I highly suggest you try it out, you will definitely not regret it (unless you don't like flavoured rooibos with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom ofcourse).
 The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien
I started re-reading this book at the end of December and I'm halways now (resolution resolution resolution). Yeah, I'm a massive Tolkien nerd and I need my regular retreats to Middle Earth, so this is a very enjoyable pastime for me!
The Hobbit
Okay, I knooow, too much Tolkien! But, I went to see this movie past monday for the second time and it is just the best. I enjoyed it so much! I'll shut up about it for know, I don't want to scare you away. (Goooo, watch it, read the book, it's great!)
My Wardrobe
Today my dad and brother stopped by to help hang my clothes hanger in the closet. It looks so much better now. Everything is slowly coming together!
Cinnamon Candles
Woops, six things already? Couldn't leave these out though! Scented candles are awesome and these ones smell like Christmas, yummy!