7 januari 2013

Creepy choice

Buying something on an impulse can be good, but sometimes you just don't know if you should keep it or get your money back. And that's my situation at the moment.
I bought creepers. I like them, but... I'm not sure they're me. So I went on a quest to find out how other girls styled them.

First I came across this girl's blog. She owns a pair of creepers and I like the way she styles them, not too grungy, but still very cool. These are my favourite looks:


After some more browsing I conclude:
- don't wear them with those frilly girls socks (that looks just stupid)
- any other way looks pretty cool!


I think I'm keeping them (: It will be interesting to see how I put my own twist on them.

Oh, before this post is done, can I do one prediction? Creepers will be as popular as Vans are now. Okay, I'm done.

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