28 januari 2013

DIY: Beanie

I mentioned it in my last Five Things post: I like hats, beanies, hoods, whatever you like to call them.
Ofcourse you can buy them in the shops, but I had a sweater I didn't wear anymore on hand, and I thought I could make a hat out of it. Recycling at its finest!

You will need:
- a sweater, or other fabric you want to use for your hat.
- a hat, or some sort of pattern
- scissors
- needle and thread

Take your sweater or fabric and put it on a flat surface.
Turn the sweater inside-out and put a hat you like on the sweater. You can place it where ever you like, but it saves time to take the band at the bottom of the sweater as the bottom of your hat. Less sewing!
Trace the hat with chalk. This won't work very well if your sweater is a light colour on the inside (like mine). In that case I suggest you pin the hat to the sweater, so it won't move when you cut the fabric.
Cut your two pieces, put them on top of each other (right side in) and sew them together! If you turn it outside out again, you will have...
something like this! Your very own, unique beanie!

Now you can wear it outside or make a beanie for every outfit. If you'd like to embellish your hat, I recommend checking out this video!
Pictured: a serious photo and a silly photo.

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