13 januari 2013

Five Things # 2

I can't believe how a fast a week has gone by! Most of this week consisted of writing and reading for school. Pretty boring, but I'm proud I already finished the paper that's due wednesday. Nerdalert!

Memrise (http://www.memrise.com/)
Facebook, 9GAG, Twitter, been there, done that. These are the usual procrastination websites. On Memrise you can procrastinate and learn something new! You can take language, art and science courses. You make tests and every day you get a reminder to refresh your memory. I'm currently learning the constellations and Finnish (and not doing my actual homework, but who cares)!

The Dutch skies have been super gray the past weeks, but at the end of the week the sun showed its face and it made me so happy :D I can handle the cold much better when it's sunny. Hopefully, this kind of weather will continue next week!

Getting stuff done at home
We finally had enough with just making plans of our house and decided we had to do something. So in a matter of days out diningroom looked a whole lot better. You may expect a blogpost about our diningroom soon (consider this a sneakpeek).

Foster the People & Of Monsters and Men
I can't work without music, I need to hear something. My brother suggested Torches by Foster the People and, yup, that's a great album! I always put music on repeat, because I can't be bothered to pick something new every half hour, so Torches played about five times and I still liked it. My Head is an Animal by Of Mosters and Men has been a favourite of mine for a while, but I only seem to listen to it while studying.

Making lists and getting  inspired
Having so much to do for uni, requires making a plan and lists and schedules. This has made me very aware of the value of my time. So I have been collecting DIY projects to do in the couple of hours I don't need to study of write (perhaps this also has to do with my January-resolution of making a schedule for the blog). So just sit back and wait, they will appear the next few weeks!

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