25 januari 2013

Five Things # 3

Hello daaaarlings! It's time for my weekly favourites again!

Tony's Chocolonely
If I'm honest, Tony's Chocolonely would probably be featured in every Five Things...
Yup, I ate a LOT of chocolate this week (really, I ate too much). But it at least it was 'slave-free' chocolate! Tony's Chocolonely is a company that distributes chocolate that has been produced without slavery or unfair prices. And it tastes delicious! 
My favourite flavour: white chocolate with cranberry and pop rocks, absolute heaven!

Ikea Scented Candle
According to google translate Tindra means sparkle: cute!
I was in Ikea. I saw a candle with whipped cream on the label. I smelled said candle. I went nuts.
Seriously, I want to eat this candle, because it smells like vanilla and cupcakes and happiness!
Next time in Ikea, I'm buying a supply to last me a lifetime.

While procastinating, I made a list of all the series I am following at the moment and I realized I regularly watch ten series a week. I might be an addict...
On the plus side: I am only watching things I really like. When I had a tv, I sometimes spend hours watching shows (Say Yes to the Dress, Extreme Couponing) that are just plain stupid.
Series I'm loving right now: Girls, The Legend of Korra, Once Upon  a Time and Elementary (Jonny Lee Miller...).

Hat: H&M// Shirt: H&M
Since it is still freezing in Holland, hats are indispensable for not having a permanent brain freeze. And I like the look of a beanie! The Fashion Citizen have uploaded lots of videos of them wearing beanies, and I think they're cool, so why not imitate a little bit :)

Longer Lasting Lipstick from Hema
Besides beanies, I'm also getting into darker lip colours. This lipstick has a purple-ish/burgundy colour, is long lasting and matte, a perfect combination.
And not in the least: it was only €3,50; quite a steal.
I think it is time to become a real lipstick-wearing lady!

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