15 januari 2013

Hello Home! Dining Room

Even though our place is not very big, J. and I have small ´common´ room. From the beginning we decided we would use it as a dining room, because eating alone at your desk is so sad.
As I said, this room is very small, only six square meters or something, luckily we didn´t need a lot of furniture, just a table and chairs, because the room has build-in storage.
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Sorry for the bad quality of this picture...
What really needed to change was the floor. It came with a dirty blue carpet that we both strongly disliked, so it had to go. We got some leftover pieces of vinyl with a wood print to put on our floor and confidently set to the task of making our floor finally look pretty. Ha! That went a bit different than expected.
It is far from perfect. There are gaps here and there and it doesn’t fit perfectly.
But it doesn’t bother me a lot, to be honest. It looks a thousand times better than the carpet.

Our trusty Bjursta :)
The only piece of furniture we didn’t have already was a dining table. It would have been cool to tell you a story of how we found this amazing vintage table at a market for ten Euros, but no. This one is from Ikea. J. picked it up about a month ago and it has served us well ever since. The two short sides are extendable, so it can easily seat six persons.
The black chairs are also  from Ikea and the brown/metal chairs are second hand (and really awesome!). 

A couple of weeks ago we planned our housewarming for last Saturday. This meant we had to do something to make the room a bit more cozy, because a table, chairs, a mirror and a cabinet just don’t make a terribly nice room.
So J. went to Ikea, again (because Ikea is AWESOME), and she brought home these two shelves.
Ah, the shelves. You know, sometimes on the internet, you see something and you just can’t get it out of your head and you wánt it. That´s the thing with these shelves. We saw this picture on Pinterest and we both wanted something like that really bad. So the dining room was a perfect occasion. The room is really high, so the shelves make it look lower and they provide storage without occupying the floor. Yes, we thought long and hard about that one!

And then the fun began, decorating! I got the two hearts a while ago, one for J. and one for me.
J. made the bunting from scraps we had lying around and it is so cute! I could do a DIY post about it, but it’s seriously just some scraps, a string and bad sewing (which I take all the credits for).
It made the room more homely in an instant.

We laid the finishing touches (for now) last Sunday. We got some great and very sweet gifts from our friends and we wanted to put them up as soon as we could.
The clock was a gift from my cousin and it is perfect for the room! We wanted to have a wood, black, metal, Swedish design theme and it works really well with this clock.
Then we also got two picture frames and when we put pictures in those and hung them on the wall it just looked so good! The things you put on the walls really finish a room.
So we also added this triptych that J. made (she’s a really talented photographer) to the other wall.
And now, when you walk in, it’s such a nice room to be in. Now, I really want to take time every morning to have breakfast and have a cup of tea there.
It’s not done entirely yet, we have plans for the wall under the bunting and I don’t think we will stop there. There’s always room for improvement, right?

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