3 februari 2013

Five Things # 4

Tempo cookies
These Turkish cookies are so good! They are tiny, unfortunately, but taste really good. It's a mixture of chocolate and rum/vanilla (I think). New favourite!

Secondhand books
Secondhand books always have the best covers! This week I bought The Hobbit and I love the colourful cover and the way they made Bilbo look. 

Besides a book, I also bought three movies: Moonrise Kingdom, The Hours and Almost Famous.
Moonrise Kingdom is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, The Hours really made me think and I love Almost Famous for the atmosphere it creates.
If you'd like it, I could do some reviews! Just let me know.

Icona Pop- I Love It
Makes me feel all happy and ready to party! It's been on repeat since Wednesday and I'm still not sick of it!

New classes!
I´m very excited to get started on my new classes from this semester. I promised myself I wouldn´t procrastinate this time. Let´s see how that goes...

What are five things you enjoyed in the past week? I'd love to know :)

1 opmerking:

  1. What I liked this week...
    My new red blouse
    Going out for dinner with friends
    The sound of my boots when I walk
    Taking analogue pictures again after a while
    Being able to sleep late