9 februari 2013

Five Things # 5


This Thursday I went to Antwerp! I had a great day and it really felt like a mini-holiday, which was very nice, because it's getting busy with university again!
If you get the chance to go to Antwerp: do it! It's a beautiful city and there are lots of things to do, whether you like shopping or more 'cultural' stuff. Oh, the food is really nice too (:

Art Fairs
There a couple of Art Fairs in Rotterdam this week and I went to two of them: Art Rotterdan and Re: Rotterdam. It was great to see new art and be occupied with art outside school. A colleague of me was exposing at Re: Rotterdam, which made it even more fun to go! It is quite a different experience to view a piece of art when the artist is there with you.

Comic books
I ordered and recieved two comic books past week. They are the Marvel Jane Austen's comics and they are beautiful. I can't help myself: if I know there's a new one out there, I have to have it! If you'd like me to, I can dedicate a separate post to my 'collection' (ahem, all five of them...).

Urban Outfitters
I don't have a lot to say about that store: it is awesome.
The clothes are not really to my taste (well, at least the biggest portion), but the home things and jewellery is amazing! I just need a big, bag of money to buy presents for all my friends and family from there...

Since spring is somewhat approaching (okay, it snowed today, but still...), I need some flowers in my home/room/environment. Oh, and some sun while we're at it!

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