22 maart 2013


Bracelet: DIY// Watch: Gift// Shirt: Primark// Jacket: Miss Etam// Pants: Primark
What? A new post? Yup, you're not dreaming.
I wore this outfit this week, and it features my ultimate favorite pants ever! Blue, polkadotted skinnies= heaven on my legs.
It's supposed to be spring right now, but March has decided it hasn't had enough of winter yet. Pants, a shirt and a cardigan or jacket are the easiest way to keep warm and are easy to put together in a cute outfit. Guess what I wore all winter...

In other news: I have a new phone with a great camera! And it supports instagram!
This means more photos on my blog + even more photos on instagram. My account is amazing, so what are you waiting for? Follow me! My username is @Lonnekesmed.

See you there!

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