28 mei 2013

Eye Spy

I'm pretty excited about this DIY-manicure! I just think it is so cool!
It all started with this picture on tumblr, which really caught my eye, haha. The manicure looked pretty easy and I had all the polishes on hand, so the next day I tried to copy nails of the girl. I think it turned out pretty well!
Nailpolishes/ supplies used:
Essence Protecting Base Coat
Essence Quick Dry Top Coat
Maybelline no. 130 (white)
BeYu no. 143 (blue)
HEMA 0.5 mm Permanent Marker

First, apply your base coat and let it dry. 
Then create the shape of an eye with your white nailpolish. I needed two layers, but this can depend on your polish. If your eyes aren't very neat: it doesn't matter, you can fix this in the next step!
Next up is your permanent marker. Use it to draw the outline and the lashes of your eyes. Keep a piece of paper at hand to scribble on if your marker stops working (this happened a lot).
Lastly, use your blue (or any colour really) to paint the irises.
Applying the top coat was a bit of a struggle. When applied over the lashes, they would smudge (see my left pinky in the last photo). I only put the top coat over the white and blue polish, my permanent marker was permanent enough to withstand the washing of hands. And if it is going to fade, I can always touch it up!
I love the result! My lashes may be a little bit messy and far from perfect, but the pattern is still really nice. I love it when a DIY is basically foolproof :)
Ofcourse I had to play around a little bit with my extra eyes... We're practically twins, right?
See you next time!

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