25 mei 2013

Five Things # 7

This week I...

Installed 'Path'
Path is a bit like Facebook. You can share pictures, statuses, books, movies and places. But it looks a lot cuter and I find much easier to use. I definitely recommend it. Maybe you should give it a try!

Bought plants
I showed you in my Ikea haul that I bought some (very low maintenance) plants. They really give my room a fresher look somehow and I like the pops of green they give.
I'm really scared that I will let them die in the next couple of weeks :( I'll keep you updated...

Made a bracelet
A couple of summers ago, I started to make friendship bracelets (for myself, 'cause I'm selfish). And this week I got it in my head to make another one! I love the bright colors and the pattern. If it wasn't such a long process I would do this more often, but alas.
The green bracelet I made in 2011, and with some leftover threads I made the little braided bracelet.

Saved my hair
The ends of my hair are getting dryer every week, so I'm using this product more often now. It is a leave-in contioner that protects you split ends. Also, it smells amazing!
(Herbal Essences- Beautiful Ends)

Got very inspired
Every time I have something important to do (this time it is my end thesis for university), I grab every chance to NOT do that. That's why I have been posting a lot more lately. This also means that I get loads of ideas for my blog, which is very positive (for my blog that is, my thesis will have to wait...).

Have a nice weekend!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke blog heb je! Meteen gevolgd haha.

    Xxxx Myrthe

  2. I'd love to make a friendship bracelet but they seem like they would take forever and a day! I need to get more patience! Super cute though :) Your ikea buys are so pretty too!

    1. They do take forever to make, but if you take some time everyday you will have a nice bracelet by the end of the week :)
      Thank you!