1 juni 2013

Day in Photos: May 31st

I always like to read this kind of post on other blogs, so here is my own version!
It was fun to do and I got to know my camera better. I think I'll do this kind of post every once in a while :)
These are the photos of last Friday: 
7am Took an early train with J. to Utrecht. I overslept, so I had to hurry to make it!
8am I returned some books in the library of the university and then picked out some new ones to use for my thesis.
9am Because I still hadn't had breakfast, I bought some to enjoy during the train ride home.
10am Some browsing in the Hema before work. I really like these new colours they have! Considering to buy the lilac one...
12pm It was a bit cold when I went to Utrecht, but now the sun is shining! Quick outfit change :)
13pm Having some 'fancy' sandwiches for lunch, accompanied with cucumber water and a new episode of Hannibal (are any of you watching it?). Good start of the afternoon!
14pm Cleaned my room a little and watered the plants.
15pm The sun is shining directly into my room! I took the opportunity to stick my legs out the window and try to make them look less like milk bottles...
16pm I finally had the courage to start doing something for my thesis.
17pm On my way to my aunt and uncle for a movie night! This was the last photo I took Friday.


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