2 juni 2013

Five Things # 8

Cucumber Water
I´ve made it a priority to drink enough water everyday, which is I believe 1.5 liters. Though I don´t dislike the taste of water, it does get boring after a while. Enter: cucumber water. Water + slices of cucumber and you're done. It just tastes a bit more interesting and it looks cute!
I've become a little obsessed with it and I'm trying to find a way to bring it with me to university, without having to squish the slices into a water bottle...

New Blogs and Comments
In the context of 'huge procrastination session, which should really end now', I have been posting a lot more on my blog and I have been reading a lot more blogs! Let's forget about the negative result here (no work done) and focus on the positive. I love seeing all the things other girls come up with! It's great to see so many creative and inspiring posts, outfits, DIYs etc.
And I luuuurve reading your comments! I discover loads of new blogs through those, so thanks for that! Although I have had this blog for almost a year now (!!), I have discovered this past month how much I actually like blogging.
Long story short: Guys, you will be seeing a lot more posts from me, and I hope to see a lot more from you too!

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash
When I mentioned this product in my Colours of the Rainbow-tag, I had only really used it for two or three days. Now it has been in my morning and evening routine, and it is definitely a favourite! It smells really fresh, foams a little (it just feels better when something foams, doesn't it?) and leaves my skin sqeaky-clean after I rinse my face. I didn't expect a lot from it, because I had already tried the 'pure' Tea Tree Oil and that only dried my skin out... But this is a very nice face wash!

Something Embarrassing
Ahem, I have a confession to make. I'm a lost cause. Whenever there is a stupid song, or a stupid band, I somehow end up on a point where I don't know whether I like the song 'cause it's so dumb ("haha, it's so stupid, let's listen to it again"), or I genuinely like it ("no, this song is really amazing!").
Example: One Direction.
No, please don't leave! I'm not a crazy fangirl, and I wouldn't even list them close to my favourite bands, but I kinda like their songs... They're just so darn catchy. But yeah, that all started as a joke to piss off my brothers.
And now it is this song: Mind Is Blown from Mainstreet. I somehow keep playing it on Spotify and singing along to it. It's amazing to see, what it's doing to me.
I will be over there, in the corner of shame, if you need me...

Have any of you seen this movie? It's sooo good! Funny and smart and very unpredictable! The director is Wes Anderson, who also directed Moonrise Kingdom. Rushmore has the same vibe going on and I think the way he creates his own worlds is very beautiful. Now, I want to see The Royal Tenenbaums, I hope it is just as good.

Picture source: WeHeartIt.

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