10 juni 2013

I ♥ Arrows

Lately, I have been loving arrows. They add an adventurous touch to an oufit, or a room!
My Forever21 arrow necklace gets worn almost everyday and I think the world must be sick of it! So I decided to make a little arrow-inspired wishlist to be able to alternate between different pieces of jewellery.
I'm realizing now what an odd subject arrows are for a wishlist... I just like 'em guys! Can't help it!
Are you digging the arrow trend?

1. Dainty bracelet with a litte arrow, €4,95 from OhSoHIP.
2. Very chic bangle, €13,81 from LETTERSEARRING.
3. Inspiration from Apartment Therapy.
4. Cute wrap ring, €10,86 from applelatte.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. omg these are so cute <3

    i want them all :)

    xx michelle


  2. Wauw, super leuk!! De armband rechtsbovenin en de ring zijn echt geweldig!!

    ♥ Saskia