17 december 2012

Citytrip: Cologne

Hi guys!

First of all I want to thank you all for the kind comments on my video. More are coming soon hopefully, since I plan on making some time for filming in the Christmas holidays.
Speaking of Christmas: I am getting in the mood! I put up some lights and a small Christmastree in my room, and there's instant Christmas cheer (and a lot of fake snow on my carpet...).
And what can add to that? A trip to Cologne of course!
The student society had organised a one-day trip to Cologne and since I'd never been there I signed up for it. It was a great day, even though we had to get up at 6:30...
The first thing we did was climbing the Dom of Cologne, which had around 500 steps. I actually surprised myself by not getting out of breath, since I have the stamina of a strawberry. It was a bright day and the view was gorgeous!
Next up was the Ludwig Museum. Such an awesome collection!
They are known for their large collection of Picasso, and guys, I've seen my first Picasso ceramics this weekend in Cologne!
They also had works from: Malevitch, Louise Bourgeois, Jimmie Durham, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney and many, many, many more. You could say I've had my art-fix for the next couple of weeks.
At this point the entire group was getting some what tired, so we were done with the culturally responsible part of the day. All we wanted were bratwurst, glühwein and ugly christmas decorations. Off to the famous Köln Weihnachtsmarkt we went!
Yeah, we mostly bought food, but I got a little star for my parents' Christmastree and a little elephant for my grandparents, since they collect those.
And that was Cologne for me! I hope I will return one day!

P.S. Oh, my, my brain was NOT working that day! I have lost my dad's camera, a ring and my wallet at some point that day. Luckily I have found them all back... I hate it when I have those days!

12 december 2012

The Promised One

Sounds a bit dramatic, but I promised to show you what I got and I'm doing it now.
Lately I have been watching a lot of youtube (could have something to do with my procastinating problem) and I really like watching vlogs. So as an experiment of some sorts I will do this haul (which seems the appropriate internet word) on video!
I'm a bit nervous about this, so please bear with me and don't laugh! Except when I'm trying to be funny of course.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings about stripes and colours! I had a lot of fun making this vid for you :)
It would be awesome to get some subscribers to my channel, so if you liked this: please subscribe! Do any of you have youtube accounts?

9 december 2012

Snow, Showers and School

The ´showers´ in this post´s title obviously don´t refer to the things that involve warm water and thinking about the meaning of life. I mean rain. And rain + even more rain. Welcome to Holland.
As you may or may not know I don't particularly like the winter. I can handle some coldness, but snow... just no. But there it was again on thursday... To be honest, it didn't last long (friday it had all melted), so I'm not going to cry about it anymore, but be prepared: if this winter will bring lots of snow, I will need a place to pity myself and I'm pretty sure it will be here! Any other snow-haters out there? Maybe we can start a group!
Anywhoo, it's raining again (yay?) and I'm at my desk ploughing through mountains of work for university.
What actually means: I painted my nails and did some clothes shopping past week. Yeah, I know, I'm a badass.
I don't have any photos of my clothes yet, maybe later this week.

What's on my nails, you ask? Well, I started with two layers of Catrice 050 Moulin Rouge Light and then painted the tips with Gemey 06 Pure Gold/ Or Pur. I don't even know if this brand still excists, since I gave my mother this polish when I was eight (she never used it, which was probably for the best).

Another picture, which features my philosophy book mocking me in the background.
Found this webcam shot on my computer of me wearing my new sweater and a rosegold River Island cuff. Guess this counts as a sneak preview?!
Knit sweater: New Yorker // Striped shirt: Primark // Earcuff: River Island

5 december 2012

Nails of the Day

Hi guys!
These past days have been crazy busy, but today I had an hour to myself between school and work, so here is a blogpost!
Okay, it's about my nails, not very exciting perhaps. Though I have to say I'm very pleased with them.

The purple is #247 from a brand called Paris Memories. I believe I bought it on the market for €1,-. The topcoat is the Essence Matt Topcoat. I'm so glad I have that one! It's easy to throw on any nail polish ande gives it an entirely new look.
I've been liking dark colours a lot lately and I really want to buy a matching lipstick... Does anyone have a suggestion?

While waiting on my train this morning, I snapped a picture of my outfit, or at least a part of it.
My thights matched my nail polish perfectly! What a coincidence...
The striped skirt and yellow/mustard coat are both from H&M. I may have to buy a warmer coat, because winter is arriving in Holland this weekend!
And to conclude this post I have a little peek for you into my 'academic' life.

First photo: Today it is Saint Nicholas in Holland! After work I'm going to my family and spend the evening eating chocolate and reading funny poems. Perhaps there even will be gifts... :)
Second photo: And this is where I spend most of my time... Listening to lectures. The topic of today was 'Cities in the Islamic World', pretty interesting!

See you next time and for all the Dutch people: fijne pakjesavond! :)

20 november 2012

The road goes ever on and on

Not my desk *crying*
It has been a while, but so many things have happened in the three months I didn't update my little blog.
First of all: I moved! The bff and I moved out of our elderly people's home and got ourselves a nice place very near the centre of Rotterdam. We have been living here now for almost three weeks and it is really starting to feel like home. I'm so happy with the way my room looks at the moment (though there is much room for improvement...) and I can hardly wait to show you how it looks now and how it will hopefully even get better over time. But that has to wait for another time, since winter is taking away the daylight very early these days, meaning less time for taking photographs!
Secondly: I went to the university of Rotterdam for a couple of months to do a minor in economics. I passed  it (yay) and now I'm back to studying in Utrecht. Feels like coming home after a vacation... because it is so busy! Really, I'm not used to this much school anymore. I guess I got a little spoiled the first months of this year, haha.

Well, that's what I was up to these months. Blogging has to get back in my system, but to be honest: I did miss it!
See y'all next time :)

8 augustus 2012

July additions

I´m trying to think of a couple of posts that I can do every month or even every week and this is the first one!
Every month I will show you the additions to my wardrobe. Some people make these more often, but I think monthly will do fine for me!
So, what did July bring me?

7 augustus 2012


When I checked my mailbox this afternoon, I had two letters. I had waited for both of them for a while, so no chatting anymore...
Let's open them!

6 augustus 2012

Spots & Stripes

Shirt: H&M // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: New Look // Bag: Gift // Watch: Gift // Sunnies: H&M
The weather was beautiful Sunday, a good excuse to wear my favourite shorts again. I bought them in Berlin on sale and they have been worn a lot this summer!
The Polkadot bag is awesome! I got it from my friend Annelieke for my birthday, a great gift!
Even though my phone still won't let me take full lenght pictures of outfits, I have some detail shots after the jump (without my big face scaring y'all off...).

5 augustus 2012

A Letter Is Better

Putting a wooden or cardboard letter in your bookcase seems to be a huge trend. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a letter for a reasonable price here in Rotterdam. And what does one do, when this happens? One makes a letter herself. And one shows you how to do it too!

4 augustus 2012

Odds and Ends

Here are the pictures of the things I´ve been working on, as I promised yesterday.
Firstly: the brushes-jar. I know it's just a little alteration, but I like how it looks now. Why have a plain jar in your room if you can pretty-fy it?

3 augustus 2012

The World Is Ours

Dress: Primark // Scarf: Piet Kerkhof
Today I wanted to show you a picture of my outfit, but my camera (my phone) wasn't co-operating, so I'm treating you to this picture of my face and a small part of what I wore.
I did a couple of things today: I went to a furniture store with Jasmijn and picked up drycleaning and bought groceries. In the car we played Seabird's cd 'Rocks Into Rivers', hence the title of this post.

31 juli 2012

Pretty easy tape

Inspired by something I had pinned on Pinterest, I decided to make my own washi tape this afternoon.
It is so easy and fast too. My kind of project!
You'll need a pair of scissors, paper you'd like to turn into tape and one roll of double sided tissue tape.
My tape is 10m x 12mm and cost me €0,31.
Since you tape is double  sided, one side of the tape will have paper on it to protect the stickiness of the tape. Do not remove this paper until you're actually going to use your washi tape!
Stick the non-paper side of the tape on your paper of choice. Press to make sure it's really stuck.
Cut your taped piece of paper from the rest of the paper and you're done! Now you have a piece of tape in the length of your paper. That was easy, huh?
To make your tape more interesting, use all kinds of paper. I love my old map tape and fabric tape. I also made some out of an old book! If you're feeling super creative, you could even draw or write on your paper tape. That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?
I used some of my freshly baked tape to decorate this little journal I had lying around. I love the result!
Now that I don't need to buy expensive store tapes, I might even join this contest from the HEMA.
What would you decorate with tape to win this contest?


30 juli 2012

Creating space

Hi guys!
The past couple of weeks I have been organising my clothes, shoes and accessories and I'm really glad I finally did. I don´t know about you, but I always had piles of clothes, shoes and bags lying around I just didn´t use anymore. But now, oh, I can find stuff! And there´s space in my closet! It´s awesome.

And this is how I did it: First you make a list of all the ´catgories´ of stuff you have. Mine looks like this:
Long sleeves

And then the 'fun' starts. Make lists of all the items you have (the document I made on my computer for this is 7 pages...), but try to think of a reason for each item why you want to keep it. If you come across something you definitely want to throw out, mark it in red. If you're not sure, make it yellow. When everything has been written down it's time to really take all your red-marked stuff and get it out of your closet, no second thoughts! The yellow stuff can stay in the closet, though if there are items you marked yellow but might be nearer to red, put those in a special box. This is your 'doubt-box'. If you never think about these clothes again, it's time to throw them away (or donate).

Now you know what you have and what you might not like so much (yellow items). Keep those in mind and see if you can perhaps alter them or, after a while, donate those as well.
These lists are also very useful if you go shopping. I can't be the only one who buys things they already have, or don't fit with anything they own. Take the list with you and it will not happen.
I actually got a bit enthusiastic with my lists and now I have four: Up-to-date list of items, items I add (per month), the content of my doubt-box and a wish list of things I really need.

I hope this will help me to not buy things I don't need! Being a student I have to keep track of where my money is going and from now on it will not be spent 'useless' clothes. I hope this will help some of you too!

Have a great day! xx

28 juli 2012


Well, here it is. My first post!
I was planning to start this blog on my twentieth birthday, but because I'm a professional procastinator it's a week later.
Anyhow, I'm very excited to start all this. I don't really have a plan for this blog yet, but I hope to share some  diy's, outfits and other things I find interesting.
First things first, though, a proper introduction.
Hello everybody, I'm Lonneke. Twenty years of age as you already know. Living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and studying Art History.
Five moths ago I moved out of my parents' house to work and live in an elderly people's home. The best part: my neighbour is my very best friend!
I love reading, looking at pretty pictures, making things, art, watching movies/ tv-series and hanging out with my friends.
For now this is all you need to know about me, I think.
As I'm not sure when the next post will be created, check out my tumblr in the meantime!