23 februari 2013

Over a thousand views!

Today, I saw my blog had over a 1000 views! Woah, that´s quite a number :)
I'm so glad people from all over the world are checking Pocket full of Sparkles out! I don't know how you got here, but I'd love to know!
One of my goals for this blog is to get to know my readers and check their blogs out. Please leave me a comment or follow Pocket full of Sparkles if you'd like me to do that :)
Thanks, everyone! xx

19 februari 2013

Five Things # 6

Sometimes it is hard to remember what you did last week, or even yesterday. To be honest, I sort of forgot about my Five Things post that was due a couple of days ago, and it was very hard to even come up with just five fun things I did last week. Some weeks just are so full of 'things to do', that everything is a blur and nothing is really memorable.
I did have a very nice dinner last Saturday night and on Wednesday I had finished reading all the articles for my class of that day, so those are some memorable things!
And even though this week was busy, having the sun accompanying me on several occasions made everything a tad more fun to do!

12 februari 2013

What I Wore...

Shirt: Forever21// Skirt: Zara// Thights: H&M// Bag: dOKUMENTA
A bit dressed up for church, cozy enough to fall asleep in (which I did... on the couch). The skirt actually has a bit more details, but since I'm lazy today I couldn't be bothered to draw them all.

Have a nice monday!

10 februari 2013

What I Wore...

Collared shirt & Jumper: Primark// Trousers: Zara
I is my outfit from last tuesday, when I went to Antwerp. It was a cold day, so I was glad I wore a lot of layers! To top it of, I wore my big, warm, green coat.
Whoo, Antwerp rules! :)

9 februari 2013

Five Things # 5


This Thursday I went to Antwerp! I had a great day and it really felt like a mini-holiday, which was very nice, because it's getting busy with university again!
If you get the chance to go to Antwerp: do it! It's a beautiful city and there are lots of things to do, whether you like shopping or more 'cultural' stuff. Oh, the food is really nice too (:

Art Fairs
There a couple of Art Fairs in Rotterdam this week and I went to two of them: Art Rotterdan and Re: Rotterdam. It was great to see new art and be occupied with art outside school. A colleague of me was exposing at Re: Rotterdam, which made it even more fun to go! It is quite a different experience to view a piece of art when the artist is there with you.

Comic books
I ordered and recieved two comic books past week. They are the Marvel Jane Austen's comics and they are beautiful. I can't help myself: if I know there's a new one out there, I have to have it! If you'd like me to, I can dedicate a separate post to my 'collection' (ahem, all five of them...).

Urban Outfitters
I don't have a lot to say about that store: it is awesome.
The clothes are not really to my taste (well, at least the biggest portion), but the home things and jewellery is amazing! I just need a big, bag of money to buy presents for all my friends and family from there...

Since spring is somewhat approaching (okay, it snowed today, but still...), I need some flowers in my home/room/environment. Oh, and some sun while we're at it!

7 februari 2013

Gold Teeth

If you've been so... lucky *ahem* to have had to visit an orthodontist, you might have these things at home.
I thought it would be a cool thing to put on a shelf if they were spraypainted. So I did that :)
+ spraypaint = 

5 februari 2013

4 februari 2013

What I Wore...

Jacket: Miss Etam// Shirt: Primark// Nail polish: Primark// Pants: Zara// Boots: Trifted
A little experiment, I guess! I have always loved drawing :)

3 februari 2013

Five Things # 4

Tempo cookies
These Turkish cookies are so good! They are tiny, unfortunately, but taste really good. It's a mixture of chocolate and rum/vanilla (I think). New favourite!

Secondhand books
Secondhand books always have the best covers! This week I bought The Hobbit and I love the colourful cover and the way they made Bilbo look. 

Besides a book, I also bought three movies: Moonrise Kingdom, The Hours and Almost Famous.
Moonrise Kingdom is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, The Hours really made me think and I love Almost Famous for the atmosphere it creates.
If you'd like it, I could do some reviews! Just let me know.

Icona Pop- I Love It
Makes me feel all happy and ready to party! It's been on repeat since Wednesday and I'm still not sick of it!

New classes!
I´m very excited to get started on my new classes from this semester. I promised myself I wouldn´t procrastinate this time. Let´s see how that goes...

What are five things you enjoyed in the past week? I'd love to know :)

1 februari 2013

New Month's Resolution: February Edition

The first month of 2013 is almost at its end, so it's time to see how I've done with my new month's resolutions for January and make some new ones for February.

Read/ finish reading two books
I did! I finished The Silmarillion and then I read The Great Gatsby for the first time. I don't really understand it, but it was nice to read. I have started reading The Hobbit a couple of days ago.

Hang pictures on my walls
The two big pictures are up already and I hope to have the little ones up this weekend.

Decorate the dining room (and blog about it!)
Yes, we made progress! Here you can read all about it .

Make a blogging schedule
To be honest, I didn´t do that one. But I made some regular posts like ´Five Things´ and ´Hello Home!´. All in all, I´m quite happy with the posts I put on the blog this month.

Read/ finish two books
Outfit posts
Draw more
Bake something