31 mei 2013

TAG | Colours of the Rainbow

The first video I filmed with my new camera! My editting skills have to improve some more (I really don't know what happened with the texts at the end of the video...), but I like the result! It was a fun morning project (:
My camera has really high video quality and it looks amazing in HD, so check that out too!
If you want to see more of my videos: I've linked my Youtube-channel on the left <.

I'm wearing: 
Shirt- Forever21
Headband- Primark


29 mei 2013

OOTD | Bow-tiful!

Guys! I have a camera! I´m so excited :D I need to practice a lot, because it is capable of taking beautiful pictures, and you can see the result I ended with above... A little bit shaky and grainy.
I guess I can add another task to my Summer-To-Do-list: conquer my camera!

My dress and longsleeved shirt are from Primark, the booties from Miss Coquines and the hat is vintage. I really can't remember where I got the thights or the bow.
Enjoy the video!


28 mei 2013

Eye Spy

I'm pretty excited about this DIY-manicure! I just think it is so cool!
It all started with this picture on tumblr, which really caught my eye, haha. The manicure looked pretty easy and I had all the polishes on hand, so the next day I tried to copy nails of the girl. I think it turned out pretty well!
Nailpolishes/ supplies used:
Essence Protecting Base Coat
Essence Quick Dry Top Coat
Maybelline no. 130 (white)
BeYu no. 143 (blue)
HEMA 0.5 mm Permanent Marker

First, apply your base coat and let it dry. 
Then create the shape of an eye with your white nailpolish. I needed two layers, but this can depend on your polish. If your eyes aren't very neat: it doesn't matter, you can fix this in the next step!
Next up is your permanent marker. Use it to draw the outline and the lashes of your eyes. Keep a piece of paper at hand to scribble on if your marker stops working (this happened a lot).
Lastly, use your blue (or any colour really) to paint the irises.
Applying the top coat was a bit of a struggle. When applied over the lashes, they would smudge (see my left pinky in the last photo). I only put the top coat over the white and blue polish, my permanent marker was permanent enough to withstand the washing of hands. And if it is going to fade, I can always touch it up!
I love the result! My lashes may be a little bit messy and far from perfect, but the pattern is still really nice. I love it when a DIY is basically foolproof :)
Ofcourse I had to play around a little bit with my extra eyes... We're practically twins, right?
See you next time!

Perfume: The Story of a Giftcard

Ahem... Today, I want to tell you the sad, sad story of a giftcard. It was given to a girl in 2011, because her boss wanted to give his employees something nice for Christmas. The girl took the giftcard home, and it was very excited to be redeemed for a beautiful item at the perfume shop!
Time passed and the giftcard got worried: 'Has she forgotten me? I have been in this bloody box for over a year!'.
Meanwhile, the girl was still wearing some cheap perfume she had had for years and had completely forgotten about her sad, little giftcard...

Long story short, I found a giftcard for perfume in my cabinet! Yay!
Next question: which one should I buy?
I have sniffed peoples necks, and collected suggestions, so I thought it would be fun to share them here with you.

27 mei 2013

Neon Nails

Nailpolish used:
Fogan Cosmetics no. 25

Just a short post to show you one of my favourite nailpolishes right now. It's a bright neon yellow colour and it really can't be missed when you wear it.
Since it was just €1,- (!!!) on the market, I didn't expect a lot from it, but it is a really bright colour. The polish itself is easy to apply (I did two layers), though it takes a bit longer to dry.
So if you live in Rotterdam and go to the big market on Saturday, keep on the lookout for the make-up stall! 

While wearing this polish I got a lot of reactions from (mostly) elderly people, saying they liked my nails! Haha, maybe their fashion sense isn't as bad as I thought it was!

26 mei 2013

OOTD | Take Me Back

I love the fashion of the sixties and once in a while I want to feel like I'm a part of it.
These flared jeans always give a vintage feel to an outfit, it doesn't really matter what you wear with them!
I added a plain gray sweater and a scarf for a pop of colour!
My only problem with these jeans is: I don't know what shoes to wear with them! I usually pair them with ballet flats or (in this case) sneakers. Oh well, it looks good enough for me :)


(Excuse my silly faces, my brother was making me laugh...)

Jeans- H&M
Sweater- H&M
Scarf- Pieces
Necklace- Forever21

25 mei 2013

Five Things # 7

This week I...

Installed 'Path'
Path is a bit like Facebook. You can share pictures, statuses, books, movies and places. But it looks a lot cuter and I find much easier to use. I definitely recommend it. Maybe you should give it a try!

Bought plants
I showed you in my Ikea haul that I bought some (very low maintenance) plants. They really give my room a fresher look somehow and I like the pops of green they give.
I'm really scared that I will let them die in the next couple of weeks :( I'll keep you updated...

Made a bracelet
A couple of summers ago, I started to make friendship bracelets (for myself, 'cause I'm selfish). And this week I got it in my head to make another one! I love the bright colors and the pattern. If it wasn't such a long process I would do this more often, but alas.
The green bracelet I made in 2011, and with some leftover threads I made the little braided bracelet.

Saved my hair
The ends of my hair are getting dryer every week, so I'm using this product more often now. It is a leave-in contioner that protects you split ends. Also, it smells amazing!
(Herbal Essences- Beautiful Ends)

Got very inspired
Every time I have something important to do (this time it is my end thesis for university), I grab every chance to NOT do that. That's why I have been posting a lot more lately. This also means that I get loads of ideas for my blog, which is very positive (for my blog that is, my thesis will have to wait...).

Have a nice weekend!

21 mei 2013

Small Ikea Haul

Yesterday, me and my mum went to Ikea for a very quick visit. I still managed to return with a lot of cute stuff, though!
1. The best glasses to drink summery cocktails from :)
2. A candle that smells like a fruit salad.
3 & 4. Two hanging baskets (I love the bright pink and orange) and succulents.
5. Three tiny cacti. I have already nicknamed the middle one Minnie Mouse...

Did you know that Ikea (at least in the Netherlands) has all kinds of office supplies? They have notebooks and stationary, and tons of giftbags, ribbon wrappingpaper and gifttags! So, if you like that kind of stuff (like me) I would definitely check that out!


20 mei 2013

OOTD | Sunny Sunday

Spring is here at last! Time to bring out my skirts :)
Here's a little video I made to show you my outfit. Thumbs up if you liked it (would help me out a lot)!

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Zara
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Primark


18 mei 2013

What's in my bag?

I uploaded a new video on youtube! This time I'm showing what I've been carrying around in my bags lately.

So check it out, yo! (You know you want to...)

P.S. This is the post I referred to in the video: Pretty Easy Tape!

17 mei 2013

April books

If someone asks me what my hobbies are (which is the MOST annoying question ever, 'cause I have none), I say 'reading'. Truth is, I barely have or make time to read books I genuinely like. I read a lot for university, but that's it.
But in April I have bought some books and I am slowly reading my way through it. And I am realizing how much I have missed it!

I got four books in April:
What is the what by Dave Eggers
The fault in our stars by John Green
Taal is zeg maar echt mijn ding by Paulien Cornelisse
and Special topics in calamity physics by Marisha Pessl.

I have already finished the first three books. What is the what was very interesting, but got also very boring near the end. I don't really know if I liked it...
The fault in our stars was good! But I feel like I kind of miss the point? Everybody was so enthusiastic about it, and I just don't think it is th├ít good. Still glad I bought it though.
Taal is zeg maar echt mijn ding is a Dutch book about all the silly things people say without realizing it. Very funny!

When I have finished it I will give my two cents about Special topics in calamity physics, but so far I like the cover already (pretty flowers!).

Have you read any of these books? Did you like them?

7 mei 2013

OOTD | San Francisco Feeling

T-shirt: a souvenir from San Francisco
Vest: Secondhand
Jeans and shoes: Primark

I made another videooo! Hope you enjoy :)
Have a great day! xo

4 mei 2013

OOTD | Cosy Rosie

Since I am spending today inside to study for my exam on monday, I thought I might as well be super comfy.  So my outfit consists of leggings, socks, a t-shirt, a shaggy vest and my laptop (which is glued to my lap...).
Have a nice weekend! xo