21 juli 2013

The Instagram Weekly #1

Snippets of my week in instagrams!

17 juli 2013

14 juli 2013

Back from France

After spending a very nice week in France with my dad, I'm back in the Netherlands!

4 juli 2013

Summer Essentials

Today I handed in my last assignment of this year, let the summer begin! To make up for my absence the last weeks (sorry!) I thought it was a nice idea to show you some of my summer essentials. 
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To reflect my sunny mood, I like to wear bright and pastel nailpolishes. Neon is really on trend right now, so I'd say: try it out! 
Though I love my boots, flats and sneakers a lot 75% of the year, the only thing I want to wear in summer are flipflops. These glitter-y ones from Primark were €1,50.
Ice cream! Seriously one of my favourite summer foods. Also great in summer: fresh fruit! Melon, strawberries, yum!
The print I love most in the summer are florals! I have quite the collection already, but this cute skirt is the newest addition.